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Goodson Pecans began in 1972 when Roy Goodson purchased a small pecan grove in South Georgia. Roy took his overall love for agriculture and began to care for that little grove aiming to produce superior quality pecans. While working a full-time job as an Extension Director in Lee County, Roy, his wife Ruth and their three children would use much of their spare time to manage and mature that grove. Over the years, even as the pecan acreage grew, Roy never left his desire to produce quality pecans. 

In 2009, the website and online retail business was begun by Roy’s son David and his wife Melody. While originally starting out selling quality shelled pecans harvested directly from our groves, they slowly ventured into selling specialty flavored pecans, beautiful gift boxes and sweet treats.  Very active in their church and community, the Goodson's enjoy getting these tasty pecans into the hands of friends, neighbors and people all over the country. 

Roy and Ruth's children are now all married. They began working in Goodson pecan groves at a very early age and still have the same concern for quality that their dad and mom have. In addition to their children, Roy and Ruth have seven wonderful grandchildren. These grand kids are quickly growing up with the same love for pecans that their parents and grandparents have!

Our business is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality pecans possible. It is our desire to keep you coming back year after year for the great taste, superior quality, and excellent service that we provide.

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Goodson Pecans stands behind all our products, and we assure your satisfaction. If you have any issues or need to return items, please contact us by email at david@goodsonpecans.com or call our office at 229.759.4008.  Please view our policies specification on our Policies Page.

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